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Do You Need New Roofing? Eight Signs That Say You Do

When it comes to roofing, there are many reasons why you need to periodically check for early signs that say you need a new roof. Other than the fact that it will preserve the value of your home, it makes your life easier – it costs less to a replace a shingle here and there, or else do a bit of work here and there in the attic, rather than hiring a contractor to replace the entire roof.

Roofing ContractorsIn this article, we will give you a run down on the early signs of a bad roof. Read on to find out what they are.

1. A leaky attic after a windy rain

A leaky attic after a night of rain could mean two things: A shingle underlayment that’s leaky or a flashing system that’s rotting. If you don’t know what a flashing is, it’s what prevents the water that’s entering the top wall from going into the building.

2. Leaky attic after an ice build-up

It could only mean that your shingle underlayment is not stopping the water from the ice dams from leaking into the attic.

3. Peeling or bulging of paint

This is usually caused by high humidity because of poor ventilation in the attic.

4. Stains, mildew or mold growth on the ceiling and walls

Again, this could be caused by a faulty shingle underlayment that’s not allowing adequate ventilation in the roof or else is causing leaks.

5. Cracking, sheathing or decay on the walls

This is usually caused by poor ventilation in the attic.

6. Cracked, curled or missing shingles

This only means your shingles need replacement.

7. Dark areas or dirty-looking areas of your roof

This is usually caused by your shingles losing granules due to their age.

8. High electricity bill

This is usually caused by inadequate ventilation in the attic, causing the HVAC to work overtime.

If you’re seeing any of those early signs we mentioned above, you should contact a roofing contractor right away to assess the true extent of the damage to your roofing system. But even if you’re not seeing any of those signs, you should have your roof checked if it’s already twenty years old.

If you’re wondering how much it would cost to do repairs on your roof, that really depends on the contractor as well as the extent of the damage, however, it would help if you get a quote from at least three roofing contractors before deciding on which one to hire. You already know that contractors differ in their price and terms of service, but did you know that they also differ when it comes to their warranties?

While basic ten-year warranties are a given, there are contractors out that offer different lifetime warranties or 50-year warranties. You can find these contractors that offer lifetime warranty by typing “roofing contractors with lifetime warranty” plus the name of your area to find local ones.

Anyway, you might be wondering what the best type of roof is. For us, the best type of roof is one that protects your house layer by layer, has a ventilation system, and has self-enclosed ice and water barriers. But these are really just some of the basics of what you should look out for in a roofing system.

When we say protection layer by layer, what we mean is that underneath the shingles, the roof must have several protective layers to protect your house from nature’s brute force while controlling the temperature and humidity inside. Between the shingles and the skeleton of the attic, there should be layers of underlayment like fiberglass and high-performance synthetic roof underlayment.

Apart from layered protection, ventilation is also important. Thus, when you’re hire a contractor, make sure you hire one that pairs the roof with a proper ventilation system. As you can see from above, most roofing problems have their root causes in poor ventilation in the attic.

Ice and water barriers need to be installed in areas where water or ice tend to flow or collect, like chimneys, vents, valleys, and skylights. Your roof contractor should also offer barrier products to prevent the water from seeping beneath the shingles and rapidly deteriorating your roof.


Choosing Commercial Roofing Contractors

Even if you are an expert in DIY projects, it is always better to hire a professional contractor for roofing. Your minor mistakes can turn into major blunders, costing you extra money and valuable time. If you don’t choose one of the best commercial roofing contractors in your area, you will have to face the problem of leaking roofs. Roofing is the first line of security for any residential or commercial building, and it is a huge investment that one has to make once or twice during his or her lifetime. The services of expert commercial roofing contractors are essential to replace, install or repair residential and commercial roofs.

The first step is to allocate the budget for the job at hand. Deciding on the type of roof that you need is also important in this step. Don’t look at only the cost factor and go for the lowest bid when planning to install or repair your roof. The lowest price could mean low quality material too. You may end up spending more money on unnecessary repairs in the long run. Once the budget is allocated, and you have an idea about your exact requirements the selection process should begin.

Extensive research is the next step in hiring a good roofing contractor. The research should be done online and offline. Ask your friends or family members, who have hired roofing contractors within the recent past. They will recommend the contractor to you if he had done a good job for them. Inquiring from your neighbors and the hardware store in your town, is another way of finding a good roofing contractor. It is always better to hire a local contractor as he is familiar with the local governmental regulations of the area, and it is easy to verify his authenticity. A local contractor will be familiar and well updated about the weather patters of the area too, which is important in deciding on the materials to be used for the roof.

The online research is the other method of finding a good roofing contractor. You can go to Google and search for commercial roofing Waco Texas  contractors. There will be hundreds of companies listed on Google for such a search term. Visit at least 6-7 websites and explore their services. Check for customer reviews on these websites. You can also email or call these customers for more information about the services of the company. If they were satisfied with their contractor, they would definitely recommend him to you. While you are browsing these company websites note down the important features of each service provider. Remember to check for the experiences of the service providers since experience is the most important factor in installing or repairing roofs. Different service providers will have expertize on different roofing styles. So if you have decided to install a tile roof, you must search for a service provider with thorough experience in installing tile roofs. There are service providers who are competent in installing tile roofs, metal roofs, asbestos roofs, wooden roofs and so on. The experienced roofer will always be willing to provide a list of references for their portfolio of work. Perusing this list will help you to get a better idea about the services of the roofing contractor.

After you have performed the necessary research and shortlisted a few of the best companies, you must contact each one of them and ask a few important questions. Ask them if they are registered. Check for the certificate of registration. Check for their total experience and qualifications of their technical staff. Ask them whether they posses the required licenses and permits to perform their work as a roofing contractor. Check if the company is insured for the type of work they plan to perform, and whether the policy is active. If not, you will have to pay from your own pocket in case of a mishap. Finally get an estimate for your project.

Now you can compare all the details and choose the best company to handle your job. Remember not to compromise on quality just to save a few bucks. If you have done your research correctly, it won’t be difficult to hire the best roofing contractor for your job.

How To Choose The Best Roofing Companies

Are you thinking about putting a new roof on your home? This is something that many people need to do, especially if their roof is a couple decades old. There are many different types of roofing materials that you can use including thatch, shingle, shakes, slate and even asphalt. Modern technology has also made it possible to add solar shingles to your home, providing both protection from the elements and a way to generate free electricity from the sun. In order to have your roof installed the proper way, it’s always good to use a roofing professional that has been doing business for many years. Here are a couple tips that you can use when looking at different roofing companies, and choosing the best one to put a new roof on your home.

Length Of Time In The Industry

One of the first things that you should consider when choosing roofing companies is how long they have been in the business. If you are going to have a professional install your roof, you don’t want to pay a company tens of thousands of dollars for a roofing job that might not be done the right way. When you search for a roofing company in the area, you will want to ask them how long they have been in the business. If they only have a few years in the industry, you might want to choose someone else. As long as they have had over a decade of experience in the roofing industry, they might be the right company for you.

Personal Testimonials

When choosing a roofing company, instead of trying to discern which one will do the best job for you, the easiest way is to ask friends and family members if they have used someone recently. Based upon their personal testimonial, you can make a decision on a roofer in a short amount of time. If they were able to do the job in an efficient manner, and the finished product was exceptional, this positive testimonial from someone that you trust is worth its weight in gold when it comes to choosing the best roofer for your home.

Social Signals

If you don’t know anyone in your community that has used a roofer, you might want to check on the Internet to see if there is any information about the companies. Obviously, you will want to check the Better Business Bureau to see if they are actually licensed, and if they have any complaints against their company. These complaints will serve as reference when trying to weed out which companies to use, and those to disregard. Likewise, on some social networks, it is possible that people have left reviews about the company on the web. In fact, the company may have an area on their website where previous customers can leave their testimonials about the service that they provided. All of this information can be used to help you finalize your decision on the right roofing company to use for your home.

How Much Do They Charge?

Another consideration to make is how much will roofing companies actually charge you for their services. Many of us are inclined to believe that a more expensive contractor is likely going to do the best job. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You want to compare what you know about the roofers in the area, specifically their reputation in the community, against the prices that they charge. It may actually cost you more money to have them come back to repair problems with the roof if it is installed improperly. Therefore, when comparing the prices that each roofing company charges, always compare that to their overall track record and reputation before making your final decision.

Roofing Contractors – A Practical Guide to Making a Good Choice

Choosing a good roofing contractor is a difficult enough task for a person with knowledge and experience in the field, but for those who are unfamiliar with the industry it can certainly appear a difficult feat.

When it comes to choosing between the roofing contractors in your local area, what can help you to make a good choice? The following tips should point you in the right direction.

Choose a Company That has Been in Business for at Least Three Years

A warranty will soon lose its benefit if the contractor who completed the work has gone out of business. Interestingly a large percentage of roofing contractors are not certified, do not provide quality work and go out of business within three years.

Considering that problems encountered with roofing often arise a few years after the work has been completed, it is important to choose a company that will still be in business to honour the warranty should a problem occur.

Choosing a company that has been in business for over three years and holds a good reputation and track record minimises the chance of problems in the future.

Ask for Business Contact Details

Asking for the business address, telephone and email details of potential companies should help to distinguish between roofing contractors who are small start-up business and those who are established and stable firms.

Enquire who Will be Carrying out the Work

The actual roofing contractors Waco Texas who you are considering may provide excellent high quality work, however if he uses subcontractors the quality of workmanship may be significantly compromised.

Considering subcontractors are often paid by the jobs completed rather than an hourly wage, work may be rushed giving a poor completion. Ensure that you know exactly who will be carrying out the project from start to finish before you agree to take on a particular contractor.

Ask for a Written Estimate and Contract

Never enter into a contract without first receiving the estimate and later contract in writing. Roofing contractors who say that they can give you their word that the price or specifications will not change should not be dealt with. A good contractor will be happy to put all details down in writing.

Check for Insurance

Ask potential contractors if you can see their certificate of insurance. It is also recommended to ask the insurance company themselves to send proof of insurance before a contract is confirmed.

Do Your Homework

Once you have a short-list of potential roofing contractors it’s time to find out whether they deliver on their promises of good workmanship, high quality supplies and excellent customer service.

This can be done by asking for references or a list of customers who you can contact to discuss their experience with the specific company. Such customers will likely be happy for you to view the work carried out and to ask questions.

Whilst it is good to visit recent work this may not give a true indication of the quality of workmanship. Contacting customers who had work completed several years previously will give a clearer indication as to whether the work was of high quality or whether problems occurred at a later date.

Ask customers the following questions:

– Was the work completed on schedule?
– Did the contractor show communication throughout the project?
– Did they find the company trustworthy and easy to deal with?
– Was the completed project as expected?
– Did any problems arise after the project was completed? If so how did the company deal with the problems?

Choose a Licensed Contractor

Whilst law may not state that all roofing contractors must be licensed it is recommended to choose a contractor that holds a roofing license. Often such licenses require the contractor to take a written exam. Therefore such contractors know not only the practical elements of the job, but understand the theory that goes behind the practical work. Such a license can give confidence that the company takes the quality of their work seriously.

Whilst choosing a roofing contractor can be a difficult task, taking the time to research the choices available and choosing a company that is established and stable can mean the difference between hassle-free quality work and a lot of heartache.

When looking at roofing companies, by using the tips provided in this article, you can make the best decision in regard to choosing the most reliable roofer in your area. If they have longevity in the community, a great reputation, or if you know someone that has used a company before, you can use this information to help you make your decision, along with comparing the prices that each company charges.